Types And Applications Of Valves In Home Plumbing

Types And Applications Of Valves In Home Plumbing

Valves can be used to regulate water flow within the home. Professional plumber Castle Hill has all the knowledge about the tools and techniques used in plumbing work. Knowing the difference between each type makes it easier for people how to use them.

Valves: Commonly Used

Although they are common in plumbing, gate valves are not always the most practical. It uses a twist knob to raise or lower a gate made of metal within the valve. Because it cannot control water pressure, the valve will be more susceptible to leaking and breaking. Gate valves are declining in popularity, as the inside parts can corrode over time and leak.

Globe Valves Can Regulate Pressure

A globe valve, also known as a stop valve or a stop valve is a similar design to a gate and gate valve. The globe valve’s name is derived from the round shape that was used in earlier models. These have generally been retired. A knob is used to raise or lower the diameter of the valve. That motion can release water pressure completely, stop water pressure entirely, or control the water tension in between. This valve is popular for outdoor faucets.

Valves: Full Stop, Or Start

Using ball valves in areas where water must be fully closed or open is common. Main water shut-off valves are a popular application. The valve has a hollow inside and a lever that controls it from the outside. The lever changes the position of either the ball or the valve by moving it. It does offer partial flow.

Butterfly Valves: Spinning Discs

To control flow, butterfly valves work in a similar way to ball valves. A butterfly valve has an inner disc. A butterfly valve’s name is derived from the fluid movement of its disc as it turns around a central pivot. The valve’s exterior may include a knob, or wheel, that homeowners can use to turn the valve’s water flow. This valve has a quarter turn to open or close the flow of water.

Pressure Reducing Valves: Pipes Are Safe

Some plumbing in a house is not designed to handle high-pressure water pressure. To prevent damage to plumbing, the pressure-reducing valve can be used to shut off the water flow. They are typically used in homes with high water pressure and may have a rating to a specified pressure limit.

Valves For Backflow Prevention

Check valves are quite simple and can be used in any situation where backflow could be a problem. These valves cannot be opened/closed. To stop water from flowing backward into their water supply lines, check valves could be placed on exterior hose bibs by homeowners. Many people have a sewer line backflow preventer to stop sewer backflow.

Needle Valves With High Precision

Needle Valves offer homeowners an extremely precise way to control the flow. It is possible for users to have to turn this knob many times to alter the flow. It is commonly used in cars, but may also work well for gas pipes in the at-home.

Plug Valves, Multiple Full Stops

Plug valves are similar to traditional ball valves but have multiple applications. Plug valves are similar to ball valves in that they have a ball at the interior. This allows water flow to be shut off or opened. To open the plug valve, homeowners simply need to turn the knob 90°. This plug valve has multiple connections. The knob can be turned 90 degrees by homeowners to open it.